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How To Visualize Personas and Journeys – Tag, Like A Pro PART2

In the previous part, I wrote about how to label user stories with emoji icons to identify different tasks and priority levels. It’s just the top of the iceberg. The next awesome opportunity to use labels is visualizing buyer personas and journeys. In a user-centered world, you can’t miss the buyer persona out of the backlog. StoriesOnBoard offers a smart feature to create personas, add details and assign them to activities. We got user reviews about the feature and some of them say, it’s cool. BUT, we would assign personas directly to steps. Someone would differentiate sub-personas on the story map. Tag to visualize personas and journeys on a story… Read More

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How to label user stories - StoriesOnBoard

How To Label User Stories – Tag Like A Pro PART 1

Although card colors and also personas serve a great opportunity to add more visuality to your user stories, it’s often not enough. We got tons of requests on UserVoice to add colors, add secondary label options. StoriesOnBoard’s Support Team made up cool solutions for several questions. For example, how to visualize user journeys, sub-personas, how to add secondary or tertiary tags to cards.   A few days ago, I did a great discovery. I updated an old story map and tried out ideas with Emoji icons. The result looked only funny but later found something useful in the Emoji library… What was that? Dots, squares, colored exclamation and question marks.… Read More

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Plan and develop better products with StoriesOnBoard and Trello

Plan and develop better products using StoriesOnBoard and Trello – Agile workflow templates 101

Professional project managers are always open to learning new techniques. Learning from other experts’ workflow lets managers adopt new practices. With sharing Trello workflow templates we would support you in learning new methods. The main message of this article is: always plan before start to execute. Follow us in this series, get new ideas, and create better products! Let’s start with the simplest case when you start a new project from zero.   Preparation and planning “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln We created tons of articles how to plan in StoriesOnBoard. This time we… Read More

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Search & Filter cards on board - StoriesOnBoard

Search & Filter cards on board – release announcement December 2017

We are very pleased to announce StoriesOnBoard’s latest release called Search & Filter. We designed the new features to make every user’s life easier. Check the new functions below. Search & Filter for Product Managers Find card on a huge map or details using search console Check details by searching for the card details Review planning process and search for missing estimations or details Observe development’s progression using states filter Get up to date and check what happened while you were away Control tasks distribution with color filter Keep the deadlines by filtering out and splitting large stories Search & Filter for Teammates Find your tasks on in the jungle… Read More

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5 awesome brainstorming techniques to boost planning

A well-selected brainstorming improves the agile planning. The efficiency of a brainstorming depends on the following facts. team’s knowledge about users and the product skills of the facilitator brainstorming techniques Common brainstorming, the silent brainstorming, and the group brainstorming are the most popular techniques. You can find many articles about these well-known techniques on the web, BUT we would like to introduce five special methods for different situations. Follow us to learn the new techniques. Gap filling Concentrate on a selected part of a user’s journey or find a missing part between two steps or activities using gap filling technique. First, identify the current starting point, “A” and the goal… Read More

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Storiesonboard is the perfect tool for brainstorming and planning this

How to boost your team’s brainstorming skill by learning from Hackathons

In this post, you’ll get a tip, how to manage effectively your team’s brainstorming skills learning from hackathons. Has it ever happened to you that you really needed to get things done in a short period? What a question, right? As a project manager, I bet that you face situations like this every day. As a project leader, you and your team need to have the skills to prioritize and find the easiest solutions to solve problems. According to Vince Lombardi ‘Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.’ So if you want to train your team right, you have to create the perfect scenario, a matching environment… Read More

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Useful resources for user story mapping

Short intros It’s All in How You Slice – Design your project in working layers to avoid half-baked incremental releases – Jeff Patton, 2005, the first article, where it all begin, an eye opener, the essence in 6 pages, pdf The new user story backlog is a map – Jeff Patton, 2008, similar to the previous, 10 minute read Creating an Agile Road Map Using Story Mapping – Andrea Gigante, 2013, 10m read User stories and use cases – don’t use both! – Shane Hastie, Angela Wick, 2014, for those who worked with uses cases, 15m read Lean Startup + Story Mapping = Awesome Products Faster! – Brad Swanson, 2014,… Read More

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Comments on cards, Slack integration, Pin top level cards – What’s new in StoriesOnBoard – December 2015

We are pleased to announce a new release of StoriesOnBoard. This release is focused on collaboration with comments on cards and Slack integration among others. Discussion about cards with comments and mentions You can have short discussions on cards also with mentioning other collaborators. Line-breaks can be put with Shift+Enter. Collaborators with viewer role can also comment the cards if “Viewers can comment on cards” option is enabled in board settings. Mentioned collaborators will get a notification about the comment in email and also on the board. Integration with Slack, FlowDock or HipChat Your team can get notifications about changes on the board in Slack, FlowDock or HipChat. When the… Read More

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