Product rediscovery using story mapping – Trello agile workflow templates 301

In the previous parts, we introduced how Trello and StoriesOnBoard work together in an agile workflow. You got insights about a new product’s development and got hints and tricks about establishing this workflow in a running project. Previous articles highlighted the opportunity for product rediscovery but didn’t expound the topic. Follow us in this part to earn experiences in product rediscovery. What is product rediscovery? Product rediscovery when existing features leads to new ideas and to product improvement. The process enhances a product in the following ways: helps you discover holes in the product or in the user journey gives a start point to explore new ideas and features to… Read More

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How to handle emerging ideas effectively on a Trello board - Agile workflow templates 201

How to handle emerging ideas effectively on a Trello board – Agile workflow templates 201

In the previous part, you got some insights about how a brand new project can be managed. To be honest, starting a new project from zero and executing the plan without any emerging task happens once in a blue moon. The reality is that a PM has to manage running developments with emerging tasks (ideas, feedbacks, modifications). We’d like to give you an effective workflow template to handle new tasks without disturbing development’s rhythm. Ok, but how comes a planning tool to a running project? Follow us on this article to find out more… Agile workflow for emerging ideas Product’s backlog is not the only one that delivers inputs to… Read More

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Plan and develop better products with StoriesOnBoard and Trello

Plan and develop better products using StoriesOnBoard and Trello – Agile workflow templates 101

Professional project managers are always open to learning new techniques. Learning from other experts’ workflow lets managers adopt new practices. With sharing Trello workflow templates we would support you in learning new methods. The main message of this article is: always plan before start to execute. Follow us in this series, get new ideas, and create better products! Let’s start with the simplest case when you start a new project from zero.   Preparation and planning “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln We created tons of articles how to plan in StoriesOnBoard. This time we… Read More

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Setting up synchronization with Trello

In order to synchronization with Trello you need to set up a connection between your story map to a Trello board. You need to be a Story map Admin in StoriesOnBoard and a normal user on the Trello board you’d like to sync with. Connect your story map to a Trello board I assume that you already have a story map and a board and in Trello and lists are also defined on that board. Please create them if they are not exist yet. I’m using the MapShop sample map in this guide. In StoriesOnBoard open the story map and from there open Board settings On Tool integration tab select… Read More

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