Prioritize user stories

Learn to prioritize user stories from UX designers

Struggle with prioritizing user stories? Prioritized but later you implemented further tasks? Don’t worry, maybe you have chosen the wrong method. Projects are different, hence you should tailor planning and development processes right to the product. I read an article about a UX designer’s goals and inspired me to transform the UX designer’s goals into a task prioritization solution. Follow us and learn to prioritize user stories like a UX designer. How to prioritize user stories? Having to say, one of the most frequent critics of the good old MoSCoW method that you have to set priority levels for every user story. But how can you declare relative priority on… Read More

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StoriesOnBoard developers’ agile workflow

Let us share our dev team’s workflow. It’s a good starting point to create your own process for your own business. Of course, we are planning StoriesOnBoard’s development by StoriesOnBoard, but the backlog is integrated to Trello. Most of the work is taking place here. We had tried several methods but it fits the best for our profile. We are a small agile team, we have scheduled roadmap for our features but we are always open to implementing new ideas and customers’ requests. Our dev team has to handle emerging ideas, upcoming bugs on the same board, at the same time. First things first, check out our template board at Trello Inspiration. The… Read More

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Organize your story maps into folders!

We are very pleased to announce the latest release of StoriesOnBoard. If you often find yourself lost on your dashboard, this release is for you. The most important addition of this release is the collections. This feature helps teams to organize and navigate to story maps easier than ever. Also in this release: Boost your planning process by managing releases directly from the board with drag & drop and save time in finding your maps with the brand new search console.   Collections If you work on several projects or with multiple clients, you probably had too many story maps to deal with on the previous dashboard with the flat… Read More

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