Product rediscovery using story mapping – Trello agile workflow templates 301

In the previous parts, we introduced how Trello and StoriesOnBoard work together in an agile workflow. You got insights about a new product’s development and got hints and tricks about establishing this workflow in a running project. Previous articles highlighted the opportunity for product rediscovery but didn’t expound the topic. Follow us in this part to earn experiences in product rediscovery. What is product rediscovery? Product rediscovery when existing features leads to new ideas and to product improvement. The process enhances a product in the following ways: helps you discover holes in the product or in the user journey gives a start point to explore new ideas and features to… Read More

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StoriesOnBoard developers’ agile workflow

Let us share our dev team’s workflow. It’s a good starting point to create your own process for your own business. Of course, we are planning StoriesOnBoard’s development by StoriesOnBoard, but the backlog is integrated to Trello. Most of the work is taking place here. We had tried several methods but it fits the best for our profile. We are a small agile team, we have scheduled roadmap for our features but we are always open to implementing new ideas and customers’ requests. Our dev team has to handle emerging ideas, upcoming bugs on the same board, at the same time. First things first, check out our template board at Trello Inspiration. The… Read More

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How to handle emerging ideas effectively on a Trello board - Agile workflow templates 201

How to handle emerging ideas effectively on a Trello board – Agile workflow templates 201

In the previous part, you got some insights about how a brand new project can be managed. To be honest, starting a new project from zero and executing the plan without any emerging task happens once in a blue moon. The reality is that a PM has to manage running developments with emerging tasks (ideas, feedbacks, modifications). We’d like to give you an effective workflow template to handle new tasks without disturbing development’s rhythm. Ok, but how comes a planning tool to a running project? Follow us on this article to find out more… Agile workflow for emerging ideas Product’s backlog is not the only one that delivers inputs to… Read More

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How to manage your remote team efficiently

Every year, there are more and more companies who realize that having their team working in their offices won’t make them more efficient. For this reason, nowadays having a remote team is not the exception anymore that proves the rule. In theory, it sounds like a dream, but it still has its challenges. Here are a few tips, how you can keep track of your team’s progress without being too pushy. Daily standups This practice takes only 5-10 minutes depending on your team’s size but makes an enormous difference. It keeps you updated on their daily progress while making them focus more on what they have to achieve. Daily standups… Read More

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How to find your optimal number of working hours

We often get distracted by colleagues, an email or an unexpected notification on our mobile phone. Because of these distractions & many more, even though we spend a significant amount of time at our workplace, there are days when all we end up accomplishing is completing the single task at the top of your to-do list. If you are an agile worker, (which I going to assume that you are because you’re reading this blog post right now) it won’t be a surprise to you when I say, let’s measure it! AA/B test your week Let’s compare three very similar working weeks. During week A reduce the number of working… Read More

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Plan and develop better products with StoriesOnBoard and Trello

Plan and develop better products using StoriesOnBoard and Trello – Agile workflow templates 101

Professional project managers are always open to learning new techniques. Learning from other experts’ workflow lets managers adopt new practices. With sharing Trello workflow templates we would support you in learning new methods. The main message of this article is: always plan before start to execute. Follow us in this series, get new ideas, and create better products! Let’s start with the simplest case when you start a new project from zero.   Preparation and planning “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln We created tons of articles how to plan in StoriesOnBoard. This time we… Read More

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Search & Filter cards on board - StoriesOnBoard

Search & Filter cards on board – release announcement December 2017

We are very pleased to announce StoriesOnBoard’s latest release called Search & Filter. We designed the new features to make every user’s life easier. Check the new functions below. Search & Filter for Product Managers Find card on a huge map or details using search console Check details by searching for the card details Review planning process and search for missing estimations or details Observe development’s progression using states filter Get up to date and check what happened while you were away Control tasks distribution with color filter Keep the deadlines by filtering out and splitting large stories Search & Filter for Teammates Find your tasks on in the jungle… Read More

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5 awesome brainstorming techniques to boost planning

A well-selected brainstorming improves the agile planning. The efficiency of a brainstorming depends on the following facts. team’s knowledge about users and the product skills of the facilitator brainstorming techniques Common brainstorming, the silent brainstorming, and the group brainstorming are the most popular techniques. You can find many articles about these well-known techniques on the web, BUT we would like to introduce five special methods for different situations. Follow us to learn the new techniques. Gap filling Concentrate on a selected part of a user’s journey or find a missing part between two steps or activities using gap filling technique. First, identify the current starting point, “A” and the goal… Read More

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Useful resources for agile business strategy mapping and content strategy mapping

User story mapping originally designed for software developers, but it is very helpful in other branches as strategy mapping. Jordan Ryan and his teammate Leiloni De Gruy wrote several articles on Facet Interactive Blog. We loved these useful resources and now it’s time to share them. Jordan Ryan – How to craft agile business plans with business strategy mapping Teaser: With a 2-D business strategy map, the visual layout of the map lends itself to where executives can direct their focus. Moreover, a written business plan usually projects so far ahead, the business strategies become stale and dated. Executive teams carrying out these old campaigns end up falling behind in… Read More

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Productivit - StoriesOnBoard

Coworking space, office or coffee shop? Where can you get the most things done?

You have your dream job, you love the company that you are working for and what you do. The next challenge is to find out where can you work in the highest productivity. Coffeehouse Cafés have been always a hot spot for remote workers even centuries ago. It is not a surprise that so many talented writer and artist choose them as a scene of work and inspiration. Although it also has its ups and downs. You sit down, order your 8th coffee, as otherwise, you would feel awkward sitting there for 6 hours, now you are high on caffeine and you still need to finish x number of tasks.… Read More

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