5 awesome brainstorming techniques to boost planning

A well-selected brainstorming improves the agile planning. The efficiency of a brainstorming depends on the following facts. team’s knowledge about users and the product skills of the facilitator brainstorming techniques Common brainstorming, the silent brainstorming, and the group brainstorming are the most popular techniques. You can find many articles about these well-known techniques on the … Read more

Useful resources for agile business strategy mapping and content strategy mapping

User story mapping originally designed for software developers, but it is very helpful in other branches as strategy mapping. Jordan Ryan and his teammate Leiloni De Gruy wrote several articles on Facet Interactive Blog. We loved these useful resources and now it’s time to share them. Jordan Ryan – How to craft agile business plans … Read more

Top 5 short articles about user story mapping – useful resources for user story mapping

We updated our popular article – Useful resources for user story mapping. We reworked and remastered our old link collection and added the newest articles.  This is the first part of users story mapping – weekend reading. We hope you’ll enjoy it!   Jeff Patton: The new user story backlog is a map Teaser:  Arranging … Read more