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We are very pleased to announce StoriesOnBoard’s latest release called Search & Filter. We designed the new features to make every user’s life easier. Check the new functions below.

Search & Filter for Product Managers

  • Find card on a huge map or details using search console
  • Check details by searching for the card details
  • Review planning process and search for missing estimations or details
  • Observe development’s progression using states filter
  • Get up to date and check what happened while you were away
  • Control tasks distribution with color filter
  • Keep the deadlines by filtering out and splitting large stories

Search & Filter for Teammates

  • Find your tasks on in the jungle of cards
  • Save time and search on cards details instead of opening them
  • Check your teammates work using others’ activity filters
  • Schedule your tasks with estimation filters
  • Keep up to date by filtering out the newest cards or updates
  • Join discussion using card comments filter
  • Follow your team’s progression by color, states and release filter
  • Keep sync with issue tracker and find the missing links by filtering them

Easy to use search console for everyone

  • Dynamic search – shows instantly search results
  • Smart – combine search with multiple filters
  • Available at any time – Open the console by one click and hide it without losing your search settings


Read the whole article about the new features in HelpCenter


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