StoriesOnBoard developers’ agile workflow

Let us share our dev team’s workflow. It’s a good starting point to create your own process for your own business. Of course, we are planning StoriesOnBoard’s development by StoriesOnBoard, but the backlog is integrated to Trello. Most of the work is taking place here. We had tried several methods but it fits the best for our profile. We are a small agile team, we have scheduled roadmap for our features but we are always open to implementing new ideas and customers’ requests. Our dev team has to handle emerging ideas, upcoming bugs on the same board, at the same time.

First things first, check out our template board at Trello Inspiration.

The steps are the following:

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  1. Pretty interesting use of Trello for project management. How big is the dev team? Do they act as one team or are their multiple or sub-teams? Also this looks like a lot of different statuses to fit onto one board. Do the product owners and dev team share the same board?


    • Hey!
      A small agile dev team works on StoriesOnBoard product, it counts five developers besides the product owner. The roles and tasks are very flexible. Our PO assigns tasks according to the developer strengths but generally, all developers have to be good in coding and also in code-review.
      PO assigns single or several related tasks to a developer. The review process of this task belongs to another developer. It’s useful to find mistakes and supports the collective learning.
      PO works also on this board (that’s why we need so many labels) but it’s integrated to story map which contains the scheduled features. We’re using two more boards for archiving release tasks and for archiving weekly the finished tasks.

      p.s.: the link to the public sample board is repaired

  2. More detail on how your process flows from Trello -> StoriesOnBoard -> Trello, as well as any automation you have between these two tools.

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